High Speed digital, Analog, Mixed and RF designs
Expertise in designing PCI, CPCI, Mother Boards, FPGAs, BGAs, Bluetooth Devices, Backplane Boards and PDAs
High Layer count boards : upto 62 layers
High Speed Boards : 15 GHz
Impedance controlled Designs with delay matching, Stack-up and material selection.
Designs with Micro Vias, Blind Vias, Buried Vias and backdrill.
FP creation as per IPC7351 (A,B and C) including if any customer specifications standards.
Fine Pitch BGA (0.5mm), High Pin count BGA (1900+ pins)
We have taken up designs with 3 mil/ 3 mil track width/spacings. Design technologies with micro via HDI technology with 4 mils drill micro via We are experienced in handling highly complex PCB designs for cutting-edge technologies for various applications like Defence, Aerospace, Telecom, Medical,Industrial and consumer electronics.

Vedas Designs

Probe Card Designs

Load Board Designs

High Speed Designs